Gorgeous Walkways & Garden Paths

Outdoor walkways and garden paths not only add function and practicality to your landscape, they also add grace and style to your home or property. Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. offers a wide variety of beautiful options for residential garden paths and walkways, and we can customize them to look exactly like what you envision and help you design a unique layout for your home. With custom curbing that can match your home’s exterior and existing landscape materials, our walkways and garden paths can help you both protect your lawn from wear and tear and add overall appeal and value to your property.

walkway path

1. Grass Preservation

One of the major advantages of custom walkways from Olympic Lawn & Landscape is the preservation of your yard. Through traffic from kids, pets and other common sources grass can get trampled and worn, especially in commonly used routes. Eventually this causes the grass to die, leaving you with a visually distracting dirt path. Installing garden paths and walkways, however, helps you direct traffic away from your lawn, keeping your grass healthy and beautiful.

2. Cleaner Homes

When grass gets worn down in commonly used areas, the exposed dirt that is left behind is more than just unattractive—it’s messy. Uncovered soil allows mud and other yard debris to get tracked into your home, garage or car. By creating walkways and paths, you cut down the amount of dirt, clippings and leaves that cling to the bottom of your feet and shoes, and, in the end, save valuable time cleaning your hallways, rugs and carpets.

3. Easy Access

Walkways and paths are a great way to conveniently reach the various elements of your property. Benches, ponds, swimming pools, gardens, sheds and more can be easily accessed without trampling grass and turf.

4. Visual Appeal

While custom walkways and paths are highly functional, they’re also visually attractive. Paths create elegance that sets your landscape apart and enhances its beauty. Garden paths are especially appealing, as they create beautiful trails through your flower beds and vegetables, highlighting the plants themselves. With a variety of designs and colors available, our custom paths and walkways can be designed to fit the exterior of any home or business.

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