Professional Tree and Flower Planting

Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. takes pride in carefully planting trees and flowers around residential and commercial properties. Through our understanding of the local climate, soil and growing seasons, we can help you determine which plants will grow best in your space based on environment and sun exposure. We also work with you in the areas of personal style and preference to determine which trees, shrubs and flowers will provide you the most personal enjoyment and satisfaction!

New Plant and Tree Care:

We recommend the following tips and schedule when caring for your newly installed plants and trees.

1. Watering schedule: *NOTE: Plant type and amount of sunlight will have a direct effect on irrigation needs.

Week 1: 4 times
Week 2-3: 3 times per week
Weeks 4-5: 2 times per week
Week 6 and beyond: Water at least 1 time per week depending on the season and type of plant.

2. Insecticide and fungicide treatments should be administered at least 3 times per season.
3. Regarding fertilizer, we recommend using fertilizer stakes in the spring.
4. Be proactive in protecting all plants and trees from children, pets, lawn devices and wildlife.
5. Periodically check for wilting, which indicates a plant’s lack of water and nutrients.
6. Also, check for yellowing, which is often an indication of overwatering.

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