Lawn Mowing Service in Lee’s Summit

Olympic Lawn & Landscape provides lawn mowing services in Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas for commercial properties and high-end acreage lots. When it comes to our lawn mowing service, we are reliable, prompt, do excellent lawn work, and are proud to offer weekly mowing in Lee’s Summit that can be customized for your specific property.

Weekly Lawn Mowing Service

One of our main lawn care features is our weekly lawn mowing service in Lee’s Summit, which allows you to maintain a clean, crisp yard with no time or effort. Our lawn and landscape professionals take the time to mow in straight lines and attractive patterns. Because we understand how to mow in ways that encourage healthy grass growth, we cut your lawn in different directions and patterns each week to make sure your grass stays full, fresh and alive!

Our Service Perspective

At Olympic Lawn & Landscape, our lawn mowing service is completed using knowledgeable staff and high quality products when treating your yard. We stand behind our lawn care program. We provide the following lawn care service options:

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing
  • 6-Step Turf Management Program
  • Grub Control/Fungicide Treatment
  • Turf Insect Control
  • Tree/Shrub Insect /Fungicide Treatment
  • Aeration
  • Slit-Seeding
  • Over-Seeding
  • Sod Planting
  • Rough Cut Mowing (Acreage Lots Only)

Lawn Mowing Service Areas

Our mowing service area include Lee’s Summit and Kansas City, MO, and the following suburbs:

  • Blue Springs, MO
  • Grain Valley, MO
  • Greenwood, MO
  • Independence, MO
  • Lone Jack, MO
  • Raytown, MO
  • Lee’s Summit, MO
  • Kansas City, MO
  • S. Kansas City, MO
  • Grandview, MO
  • Belton, MO
  • Oak Grove, MO
  • Pleasant Hill, MO

Olympic Lawn also provides a multitude of other lawn care services to these same areas.

Customized Lawn Mowing Solutions

Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. also takes custom mowing service requests, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact our lawn care professionals for a free consultation. You can also schedule a property review and get a customized mowing bid from our team. If you’re looking for professional lawn mowing in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, or the surrounding areas, contact Olympic Lawn today!

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