Lawn Care & Landscaping Services in Lee's Summit & Kansas City

Watering and weeding are basic lawn maintenance tasks, but these lawn care basics are not always enough to help you maintain a beautiful lawn or garden. Worse, lawn care is a lot of time-consuming work, and you may not have the time to do this job properly. Some lawn care companies claim they can perform the lawn treatment you need at an affordable cost, but some overcharge and don’t provide the quality lawn service you deserve.

At Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc, we provide homeowners and business owners throughout Lee's Summit and the Kansas City area the lawn and landscaping services they need to achieve the yard of their dreams. From mowing and tree trimming to concrete curbing and everything in-between, we’re a full-service lawn care company that takes pride in all that we do. 

Avoid the guesswork and Saturdays in labor rather than leisure—we’ve got the experience and lawn care tools you need to make your yard the gem of the neighborhood without you having to break a sweat. Our yard maintenance services are truly top-rated, and we offer our services at affordable prices. Reach out to Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. in Kansas City, MO for a free estimate on your lawn maintenance or landscape project.

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Our Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

As a Kansas City, Missouri lawn care company, Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc is proud to provide full-service lawn care. Whether you need a complete lawn makeover, are ready to let someone take mowing off your hands, or are looking to add a decorative touch to an already beautiful lawn, we’ve got you covered.

We provide seasonal lawn services as well, such as spring lawn care, fall leaf blowing service, lawn fertilization, snow removal, and seasonal grass seed service. Our services range from simple mowing and chemical application to more specialized jobs such as curbing and landscape design. We have years of experience working on lawns in the Kansas City metro area, and there is nothing lawn-related we can’t handle. You want a professional lawn care team working on your yard because you want your outdoor space to look beautiful year-round.

Lawn Care Services

Proper mowing, fertilization, weed control, and other basic lawn care services are the foundation on which you grow a lush, green lawn or garden. Our lawn care services include: 

  • Mowing When You Need It: Weekly Mowing, Bi-weekly Mowing, On-call Mowing, One-time Mows
  • Leaf Rake Service
  • Mulch Service
  • 6-Step Turf Management Program
  • Grub Control
  • Fungicide Treatment
  • Turf Insect Control
  • Tree/Shrub Insect Treatment
  • Aeration and Irrigation
  • Seeding
  • Verticutting
  • Sod
  • Spring Clean-Up & Fall Clean-Up
  • And More!

Our landscape professionals are devoted to performing a fantastic job every time. Customer satisfaction is important to us no matter which lawn service you require. For more information about our landscape company or about the services we offer, call Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. today.

Landscaping Services

Beyond helping you maintain a beautiful lawn or garden, our Kansas City lawn care company also wants to help you decorate your yard with landscaping features that speak to your personal style. We can help you build up your landscaping to include elements that make your yard welcoming for humans, birds, butterflies, and friendly critters of all kinds.

For example, as a homeowner, you probably realize that your backyard and front yard landscaping design can add value to your home. Instead of just a plain green lawn, you may want to add flower beds, hardscape elements, water features, or other landscape design elements.

Our landscaping services include: 

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Beds
  • Tree, Shrub, and Flower Planting
  • Pruning
  • Weed Barriers
  • Mulching
  • Rock Installation 
  • Landscape Lighting

Curbing & Edging Services

Landscape curbing and edging is the finishing touch to every lawn. Custom curbing and edging services are our pride and joy at Olympic Lawn & Landscape. Our Kansas City lawn care company specialties include: 

  • Belgium Block Curbing
  • Concrete Curbing
  • Metal and Plastic Curbing 
  • Driveway Skirts and Liners
  • Walkways and Garden Paths

Call Us Today for Lawn Care & Landscaping Services in Lee’s Summit

As a Kansas City lawn care company, we provide a complete range of landscaping services, including edging and curbing. Your lawn has a huge impact on the overall look and worth of your home. With Olympic Lawn and Landscape, you can ensure all your lawn care needs are in good hands.

Local lawn care service you can count on in KS can be hard to find, but we have all of your needs covered. We offer affordable rates and reliable service to keep your lawn and garden in top condition all year long. For more details on our lawn mowing services, chemical applications, turf renovation, and total landscaping, call us today!