Garden Paths: Bring Beauty and Function to Your Backyard Oasis

Garden paths can add both beauty and function to your landscaping. Not only are they practical for creating a walkway through flowers, shrubs, and streams, they can also gracefully weave the eye through your carefully chosen scenery. At Olympic Lawn & Landscape, we offer a wide variety of beautiful options for residential garden paths and walkways. We can help you design a unique layout and customize your walkway landscaping to perfectly capture your vision.

Custom Curbing

With custom curbing that can match your home’s exterior and existing landscape materials, our walkways and garden paths can help you both protect your lawn from wear and tear and add overall appeal and value to your property.

Garden Paths and Walkway Landscaping Inspiration

Love the look of stone walkways, but needing a little inspiration for design and usage? Here are some ideas for how you can incorporate a garden path or stone walkway into your landscaping: 

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Create a path between your patio and another feature.

Frequently walked paths can wear down grass, creating unsightly patches of yellow and mud in your lawn. Help guests find their way from your patio to other backyard features—such as gardens, pools, play areas, and firepits—without the risk of muddy shoes and ruined landscaping.

Use leading lines for visual effect.

Carefully placed garden paths can lead your eye through lush landscapes, draw attention to favorite flora, create mystery as they turn behind beautiful trees and shrubbery.

Cross over water features.

Water features are an incredible way to make your yard both visually and audibly appealing. Use garden paths to help guide guests over bubbling streams and in front of lively waterfalls—without getting their feet wet.

Give guests a more inviting entrance.

Using walkway stepping stones is a creative way to connect your driveway and front door, providing guests a unique and inviting entrance to your home’s entryway.

Make patios visually interesting.

While concrete and wood patios can be dull, a brick or flagstone path can give your patio a visually interesting, unique look.

Garden Paths and Walkway Landscaping Services

Flagstone Paths

Brick Paths

Rock Paths

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