Curbing & Edging Customized for Your Landscape

Custom curbing and landscape edging is our specialty! Olympic Lawn & Landscape offers only the best landscape edging and custom decorative curbing to set your landscape elements apart and add a quality finish to your property. Visit our special Custom Landscape Curbing section for details!

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How Do We Keep Landscape Curbing from Cracking and Fading?

Just like any form of concrete, curbing and edging can be prone to both cracks and discoloration. Though some color change and hairline cracks are expected, our team of experts uses high-quality mix and installation techniques that ensure your landscape looks beautiful year after year!

Top Quality Mix Delivers Durable Concrete Curbing

Our curbing mix is one of the best in the industry. We start with premium ingredients and add a fiber component to assure a mix that will withstand the Kansas City area’s freeze-thaw cycle in the winter and the extreme heat that can happen in the summer.

Added Strength from Steel Cables Prevent Unsightly Cracks

We add a galvanized coated steel cable—at no extra charge—to the curb edging as we pour it. Even though we start with the best mix possible, it is still a cement product and prone to cracking. If your curbing should get hit by a mulch-carrying pickup, lawn mower, or anything else that might cause damage, the cable gives it added stability. If it does crack, the cable keeps it from separating to assure that it continues to look well-maintained.

Landscape Edging with Long Lasting Color

Our color is integral, meaning that the color is present throughout the entire curb, unlike some companies that just apply color to the surface of the decorative curbing. Blemishes and cracks blend in with an integral curb color and are less noticeable than curbs that just have a surface color applied.

Personalize Your Landscape with Custom Decorative Curbing Designs

Olympic Lawn and Landscape provides custom designed continuous concrete landscape curbing and edging. Our custom curbing is available in a variety of colors and styles. We can provide the perfect curbing frame for your home’s garden. Of course, our custom landscape curbing is great for your commercial concrete curbing of parking lots as well as for beautifying your business landscape. Decorative curbing comes in many different designs such as brick, stone, and flagstone and is constructed from colored concrete. View some examples of our decorative curbing and landscape edging in our landscape curbing and walkways gallery.

Beautiful Curb Appeal for Kansas City's Homes and Businesses

Whether you’re a home or business owner, your property can benefit from the look and functionality of landscape edging! Olympic Lawn and Landscape provides the Lee’s Summit and Kansas City area with custom decorative curbing, borders, and landscape materials that are sure to wow neighbors and customers alike. 

Benefits of Residential Custom Landscape Curbing

Whether your landscaping project is large or small, your home can benefit greatly from our high-quality decorative custom landscape curbing! We have choices to fit every taste or architecture style, from modern to Victorian. Once you choose the style, cut, and color that you love, you can enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Highlight beautiful gardens, flower beds, and shrubbery.
  • Define property lines, walkways, and driveways.
  • Add a finishing touch that provides a polished look.
  • Tame plant growth with an effective root barrier for sod and seeded grasses. 
  • Prevent erosion and mulch from spreading. 
  • Add value to your home with enhanced curb appeal.

Benefits of Commercial Custom Landscape Curbing

Curb appeal isn’t just for homes! Your business can enjoy all the same benefits concrete curbing provides for our residential customers, plus the benefit of creating a more inviting storefront! We’re dedicated to ensuring your business quality service, materials, and products at competitive prices.

Providing Beautiful Landscaping to Cass County, Johnson County, and Jackson County!

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