Belgium Block Edging & Curbing

At Olympic Lawn & Landscape, curbing and edging is our specialty. We take pride in our high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing you with amazing products at a competitive price. Belgium Block edging and curbing is our latest edging stone product in landscape block and landscape curbing in our already wide selection of landscape elements, each one designed to help you achieve the elegant, attractive landscaping look you desire for your home or business. Call us in the Lee's Summit or Kansas City area at (816) 875-9645 to get started today on improving the form and function of your landscaping! 

What is Belgium Block Edging?

Belgium Block is one of the most popular landscape block stamping systems used to add a quality finish to any property. Belgium Block curbing is a realistic stone edging or curbing that is both attractive and impressive. For installation purposes, at least half the edger should be buried for stability. Belgium Block curbs are strong and versatile and we offer the best selection in the Kansas City area.

Give Your Driveway Some Curb Appeal with Belgium Block Curb

Originally, Belgium Block was utilized by land developers before it caught the eye of homeowners. However, this product is not just for the homeowner, it is great for commercial curbing as well. Belgium Block stones are granite, cubical-shaped cobblestones that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. We strongly believe Belgium Block edging adds elegance, character, and a sense of class to anywhere it’s installed. 

Where Can You Install Belgium Block Edging?

Install Belgium Block edging and curbing around your bushes, shrubs and trees as well as along your gravel or paved driveway for a cohesive style. Because it is so unique, your landscape will quickly be set apart and be envied. Consider Belgium Block edging and curbing for your flower and garden beds, utility boxes, pathways, playgrounds, sand boxes, water run-off, ponds or pools, fences and property lines, parks, golf courses, barn areas and more. Investing in Belgium Block edging and curbing will give you curb appeal that will last for years and years.

What’s the difference between Belgium Block and cobblestone?

The biggest difference between Belgium Block and cobblestone comes from their historical context as the two terms are often used interchangeably today. Cobblestones are an earlier method of paving that used untooled, naturally rounded stones, whereas Belgium Block has always been tooled granite in rectangular shapes. It gets its name from the massive stones that were once used in European merchant ships that set sail too light from Antwerp and then were left behind once the ship was full of purchased goods. 

These stones were used to pave streets wherever they were left, in fact New York City still has Belgium Block pavers on some streets! Belgium Blocks are known to be more resilient than traditional cobblestones when used as pavers. Used as curbing and edging stones, Belgium Block creates an upscale appearance wherever it is used with all the durability you would expect. 

Why do you need landscape edging and curbing?

You don’t have to be selling your home or business to want excellent curb appeal—everyone wants to make a good impression on guests and passersby and curbing has a major impact. But the benefits go beyond the aesthetic, as Belgium Block curbing also cuts down on lawn maintenance and increases value—what’s not to like? Olympic Lawn and Landscape’s friendly professionals can answer any questions you may have about landscape block, landscape curbing, or other landscape elements. So call our curbing consultants today at (816) 875-9645. Our sales professionals will come to your home and show you our Belgium Blocks as well as present you with any other curbing options you may be interested in - whether that be concrete, brick, stone or slate edging stones - you’ll learn exactly how our Belgium Block curbing and edging options can give your landscaping “the edge!” 

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