Landscape Curbing, Edging, and Borders

Are you considering a home improvement project to increase the resale value of your home or just to update the curb appeal? Our Kansas City landscape edging, borders, and curbing services will help you achieve the attractive, finished landscaping look you want for your home or business.

Landscape edging is not just another service we provide but is our specialty at Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. We offer only the best in custom landscape edging and curbing to set your landscaping elements apart from your neighbors and add a polished finish to your property. We also offer a wide variety of landscape edging and border services.

Some of our lawn edging services:

  • Installation of metal garden edging
  • Installation of wood edging such as cedar
  • Flower bed edging
  • Concrete edging for lawn, borders, and gardens
  • Natural stone landscape curbing

Olympic Lawn & Landscape employs only the best landscaping experts to ensure the job is not only done but done right. We will assess your needs, examine the layout of the project area, identify options for the landscaping job, and suggest a curbing or edging solution that would be the best choice for your property and design aesthetic.

Custom Curbing and Edging

Olympic Lawn & Landscape is proud to offer more landscape edging colors and patterns than any other curbing company in the Kansas City area. We can easily match any style or hardscape with the look of brick, stone, or slate through our use of decorative concrete curbing. We also offer Belgium block curbing for an authentic stone look.

Landscape curbing makes your yard look polished with a clean, professional finish. These edging blocks give definition and enhancement to trees, bushes, and shrubs that otherwise just stick out in your yard like sore thumbs. Whether it’s residential or commercial edging, Olympic Lawn & Landscape has you covered with our Kansas City landscape edging, borders, and curbing service. We help your landscaping look like an addition to your yard and not an afterthought. Give your yard the refined look you’re after with custom landscape curing from Olympic Lawn & Landscape.

Beautiful Landscape Borders & Edging Blocks

A landscape border from Olympic Lawn & Landscape provides the finishing touches to landscape projects. We can create metal and plastic edging blocks, driveway skirts and liners, and garden walkways to enhance the look of your property in the Lee’s Summit and Kansas City area. Our metal and plastic edging will help define the landscaping on your property. Our Kansas City landscape edging, borders, and curbing service keeps rocks, dirt, mulch, or other ground cover where it needs to be, while giving you that clean, defined look. Landscape borders also make it easier for your lawn mower to do its job and these aesthetically pleasing borders block weeds from getting into your grass—it’s a triple win!

Driveway Liners and Skirts

Give your driveway a sleek, defined presence with a durable driveway liner. Not only used as an enhancement to the front view of your property, but you can keep grass or other ground coverings off your driveway with a skirt or liner. A driveway liner or skirt is offered in a variety of colors and designs to match the other landscaping or architectural aspects of your home.

Walkways and Garden Paths

Lead guest to outdoor features such as a garden or patio with a paved walkway or garden path. Customize your walkway the way you want with a style to match the other landscaping features in your yard. A variety of stones, designs, and colors are offered by Olympic Lawn & Landscape. Have an idea but not sure how to execute it? Bring your ideas to life with help from the skilled professionals Olympic has available. We will work with you to come up with a walkway fit for your home or business property. Whether you want stone pavers or stone tiles, a straight path or one with curves, with masonry edging or another edging product, we can bring your vision to life. Instead of tracking mud from the garden to your home, a garden path is a perfect solution all year round.

Trusted Residential and Commercial Curbing—We Have the Edge Over Other Landscapers

Olympic Lawn & Landscape provides a full range of landscape edging, borders, and decorative curbing applications that can enhance both the appearance and function of residential and commercial landscapes in the Lee’s Summit and Kansas City area. With so many different curbing options, there’s no doubt we can provide what you are looking for. Our Kansas City landscape edging, borders, and curbing service work is designed to contain either mulch, stone-filled plant beds, or commercial areas.

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