Weed Barriers – Protect your Landscaping

There is nothing nice about weeds in your yard. Weed barriers (sometimes called landscape barriers or landscape fabric weed barriers) will help keep the weeds in your garden under control. When it comes to winning the battle of the weeds, a quality weed barrier is a must. As part of our landscaping design service, Olympic Lawn & Landscape installs quality weed barriers that prevent the growth and spreading of weeds in all of your landscaping beds.

What is a Weed Barrier (or Landscape Barrier)?

Weed barriers are usually constructed from tough and durable materials that have proven to have a long life. By laying this barrier over the soil in a discreet fashion the ability of weeds to grow is limited. Weed barriers provide quality weed protection for a variety of use in your yard. Whether it is a play area laid with mulch, garden beds or used under an outdoor living surface like a patio weed barriers will reduce weeds. Safe and easy to use, no chemicals required. Allows air, water, and nutrients to reach plants for healthy growth.

Benefits of Weed Barriers in your Landscaping

  • A weed barrier significantly reduces light penetration – this action suppresses weed growth and stops weed-seed germination.
  • Maintains a higher water density by limiting water evaporation from soil.
  • Weed barriers permit air, water, and nutrients to reach the plants you have in your yard.
  • Landscape barriers are a safe addition to any yard or landscape.

When it Comes to Weeds, You Can’t Afford to Wait

Weeds spread fast. That’s why it pays to take action. Trust the expert landscaping team at Olympic Lawn to make sure your weed barrier is doing everything possible to keep your yard healthy and beautiful now and for years to come.

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