Rock Landscape Design and Installation in Kansas City

Adding rock landscaping design to your home, such as a river rock installation, decorative gravel, or large landscaping rock installation, can significantly add to the beauty of your yard. Hardscaping creates a natural contrast to the beauty of nature in your garden. If you would like your yard to look its best, there’s no question that adding decorative rock landscaping can increase your lawn’s appeal.

Rock landscaping enhances the look of almost any lawn by lending natural beauty, variety, height, a unique garden design, and more. From large landscaping rocks installation to river rock installation, Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. offers a variety of options that will enhance the appearance and durability of your landscape elements. Give us a call to learn more about our hardscaping services.

How Rock Landscape Design and the Use of Stones Improve Your Yard’s Appearance

Rocks can enhance and elevate the aesthetic of the outside of your home. Whether doing a river rock installation, rock landscaping, or creating a rock garden and doing a dry creek bed installation - rock landscape design can have a dramatic effect on the look of your home’s exterior.

River rock is a glorious sight—the rounded stones and pebbles softened by river water over time—and you can get the look in your garden. Pea gravel can be used to create pathways through a garden or create a break between different parts of your landscaping.

Large rocks and landscape boulders add height to a garden and look glorious with plants or vines growing around them. You can also use rock landscaping to create a natural looking water feature in your backyard or use them as a weed barrier between flower beds.

Here are a few more uses of natural stone in your yard and landscaping:

  • Add texture to your landscaping with landscape rock installation.
  • Can be used as ground cover.
  • Small stones and decorative pebbles can be used to make a path.
  • Rocks can be used to create a rock garden border.
  • Used to create a feature wall.
  • Create a raised rock garden bed.
  • Used to highlight a favorite plant.
  • Rocks can be used to manage water flow.
  • Some people use rocks to make an entire rock garden or yard.

Incorporate rocks and rock landscape design into your garden or yard to elevate your exterior landscaping. For more details about what Olympic Lawn & Landscape can do for you, give us a call or read on.

Hardscapes Without Hassle

By hiring the custom rock landscaping/hardscaping design professionals from Olympic Lawn & Landscape, you can eliminate the risk of injury that can occur when lifting rock without proper equipment. Our crews have all the tools needed for transporting heavy materials, and we can move and install rocks easily with no hassle to you! Don’t take the risk of hurting yourself—let our expert landscape team assist you.

Rock Gardens

Some people utilize rock gardens to enhance rocky slopes and turn difficult-to-landscape areas in their yards into beautiful features to brag about. You can also add large rocks to a flat yard to add contour and dimension, turning a flat, plain yard into a beautiful unique feature of your home.

One consideration that influences the design of rock gardens is space. Our rock landscape designers will fully utilize the space available to creatively develop rock landscaping designs that create sprawling, naturalistic rock gardens.

Rock Walls

Rock walls will add another dimension to your rock landscape design efforts, and can help with drainage issues. Dry stack rock, rubble stone walls or dry creek bed installations add a great feature to your yard while managing water and drainage concerns. Our landscapers are available to help you create your perfect garden.

Professional Landscape Rock Installation From Expert Landscape Designers

Easily improve the look of your outdoor space by adding small or large landscaping rocks. When you need expert rock landscape design installation, Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. is the landscaping company for you. We have experienced landscape designers who will ensure the improvement of your landscape with rock landscaping, rock gardens, river rock installation, dry creek bed installation or installing boulders, decorative gravel, rock walls, rock yards, or other types of decorative landscaping rocks. Landscape boulders, rocks, and gravel paths can give your outside area a unique yet natural look. For more information, call us today using the number listed below.

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