Greater, Greener Gardens in Kansas City

When warm weather is here, there is nothing more welcoming than seeing rows of flowers as you walk into a building. But what if your business is not surrounded by beautiful flowers? Olympic Lawn & Landscape can help! We offer more than just lawn services, we also provide gardening and commercial landscaping services. Our team of experts would love to spruce up your business’s building by adding some exceptionally designed flower beds to keep it company. Flowers not only brighten your day, but they add curb appeal. Your clients will not be able to just drive by without smelling the roses. Add some color to your life and reach out to Olympic Lawn & Landscape to learn more about our gardening and commercial landscaping services, or check out these facts about flower bed design and what it can do for your landscape. We also provide residential services as well!

Commercial Landscaping & Flower Bed Design Services

Correctly designed and installed flower beds are a wonderful addition to any landscape. Adding flower bed edging or flower bed design to your commercial landscaping provides both function and visual appeal. While bringing polish and beauty to your property, landscape beds protect your plants and ensure their health through weed prevention and soil care.

Well-Designed Commercial Flower Beds

A well-designed flower bed will enhance the beauty of the plants in the bed and the beauty of the garden where the bed is situated. Once the location, shape and size are correctly proportioned by commercial landscapers, a flower bed is also a time saver.

  • Increase curb appeal.
  • Flower bed edging keeps bed soil and mulch in place.
  • Prevents grass from infringing into the flower bed.
  • Our concrete curbing is a continuous piece of concrete. Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time and in the winter.

Commercial Landscaping & Flower Bed Design

Because a flower bed is such an essential element of almost any landscape, why not guarantee the success and appearance of your landscape beds by investing in professional design and installation? Our commercial landscapers continue to discover new and exciting ways of perfecting the art of flower bed design, installation and maintenance. Our designers create clean, attractive beds that ensure the health of your plants with flower bed edging and provide a tidy, finished appearance for your property.

Immerse yourself in living color! Let our expert commercial landscapers create a flower bed design which will develop an ever-changing tapestry of bold, vibrant hues for your garden retreat.

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