Landscape Curbing Designs

Hands-down, concrete landscape curbing is one of the best ways to make your Kansas City area landscaping stand out. Because concrete curbing can be colored and designed to match the style of your home or business, curbing from Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. can take your property to the next level by adding beautiful accents and clean appearances.

Whether you choose sophisticated brick or rustic stone, all concrete landscape curbing can be both beautiful and functional, benefiting your plants, gardens and flower beds by keeping weeds at bay and moisture locked in! Add instant curb appeal to your property while simplifying maintenance with landscape curbing.

Many property owners also choose concrete stamping for their curbing, which adds texture and finish. At Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc., our stamped concrete curbing patterns simulate the styles of stone, brick and tile and can be combined with molds (shapes) to create a custom look for your landscape.

We can also match many exterior accents with a custom color to enhance the property’s overall appearance and theme. And in order to prevent UV damage, all of our stamped concrete curbing is sealed with a clear, high solids sealer, which also prevents chipping and peeling. Come to Olympic Lawn & Landscape for concrete curbing in Kansas city and the surrounding areas.

Curbing Design Selection

We offer a variety of concrete landscape curbing sure to fit any style — and all designs are available at a competitive price. Let us work with you to help you select the right curbing for your Kansas City area landscaping, the style of your home or business, and your budget.

Ready to explore landscape and concrete curbing options? We’re ready to help. Call us in the Lee’s Summit or Kansas City area at (816) 875-9645 to get started!

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