Concrete Curbing: Colors

Concrete curbing is great addition to any Kansas City area home, landscape, or property. Concrete curbing can be colored to match your home or commercial property’s exterior, adding finish and elegance to walkways and entrances.

Concrete Curbing Color Selection

Selecting a concrete curbing color for your property can be a fun and exciting process.

Some of our most popular choices include Bengel Brick Red, which compliments brick accents, and Sahara, which is can be used to match many trim colors.

Whatever the style of your home or business, Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc.’s custom colors for your concrete curbing will blend into the design of your property, while adding a polished accent and elegant finish.

Decorative Concrete Curbing

Choose a color that goes with the mood and theme of your home. From soft and blissful blues to dramatic and modern reds, find a color for your landscape curbing that complements you and your landscaping perfectly.

A “release agent” is used when creating a decorative effect or antique look on your custom curbing. This will give your concrete curbing a unique, stand-out look that is different from any other garden edging and decorative edging applications. Concrete curbing can add a personal flair to your Kansas City area home.

More Information – Concrete Curbing Color

At Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc., we mix dye directly into our concrete in order to create a color for your curbing that won’t peel or chip. Then, we add sealers and hardeners to protect the color from UV fading and create a smoothing effect. We also incorporate the use of common release agents to create decorative or antique looks and also to prevent concrete curbing from adhering to unwanted surfaces.

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