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Have you ever driven by a beautiful home at night, illuminated with tasteful landscape lighting? There is something almost magical about well-placed landscape lighting that sets a home apart from the rest. Adding landscape lighting to your property can go a long way to creating a beautiful, safer exterior.

To create an outdoor lighting plan, it is best to walk around your property at dusk or when it is dark and imagine what areas you would like to feature. Shadows thrown by moonbeams and street lights can make shadows in pockets of your outdoor space much more hazardous than they need to be. Think about where additional lighting will provide safety for walkways and security for your home. Here are a few basic ideas for beautiful, functional and fantastic landscape lighting in Kansas City.

Landscape & Outdoor Lighting Design in Lee’s Summit and Kansas City

  • Entryways – Adding lights around your entryway is a great idea for safety and security, especially if you have steps or a porch.
  • Walkways – Paths and walkways are great places to install outdoor lighting. Low illumination creates an inviting area while providing enough light to safely walk on the path in the evening or at night.
  • Driveways – Another good spot for low-level landscape lighting is your driveway, especially if you have a long driveway on your property. These lights can welcome your guests and help in instances of dropped keys late in the evening.
  • Patios or decks– If you have an outdoor entertainment area like a patio or deck, adding some landscape lighting to these areas creates a festive atmosphere. You can even highlight some specific features like an outdoor kitchen, seating areas or railings.
  • Architectural features – Beautiful architecture deserves to be seen. If you would like to feature a certain area of your home like a wall mural, curving archways or interesting architectural design, you can choose a wide beam close to the house for a wash effect or a farther beam to create highlights and shadows for a different look.
  • Garden features – Showcase the beauty of your garden at night. Fountains or other water features can be lit to add to the ambiance and ensure no one accidentally falls in. Adding landscape lighting to trees, shrubs and bushes in or around your garden can create a more beautiful and safer place to stroll at night.

Landscape lighting can bring out the best features of your home, yard and garden and Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. can help.

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