Protect Your Investment By Resealing Your Landscape Curbing

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Our Process:

  • We will trim the grass in front of curb, usually at a 45 degree angle or low to the ground.
  • We will then blow off or sweep the top of the curb.
  • We will reseal the face of the curb only.
  • We Do Not move the mulch or rock to reseal the back of the curb.
  • Some sealant will get on your grass, mulch and rock. This will not hurt anything. It will turn your grass yellow and your mulch/rock shiny for period of time.
  • We will take every caution to not get the sealant on any other service but at times it does happen. We are not liable if this happens.
  • We will then look up the historical records of your install and invoice accordingly with the linear ft and trip charge.

Scheduling & Invoicing:

  • Resealing is scheduled starting Mid July and ends Mid August.
  • We Do Not set appointments for resealing.
  • We Do Not give advanced calls.
  • After resealing we will mail an invoice to the customer and they will have 10 days to pay – or we can have it prepay.
  • Do not call our office continually ask when it will be done, as stated above we do not schedule these types of jobs. Since they are so small, we just put them on at the beginning or the end of the day.
  • We will not add any customer to the route unless we have the signed contract.

Homeowner responsibility:

  • We do not power wash or clean the curb – homeowner responsibility. We advise all homeowners who want to power wash their curbing to have it completed by July 14th.
  • Homeowner needs to make sure shrubs are not touching the curb.
  • Homeowner needs to make sure garden hoses, toys, dog leashes or any other item are free and clear from curb.