Your Spring Garden Checklist

The weather warms and green things begin to poke above the soil. Spring has come, and you need a step-by-step garden checklist so you can tackle all important jobs required to prepare your beds for flowers all year long. Not only will these jobs on the garden checklist make your garden look better after a long winter's rest, they will also help your plants grow healthy and strong.

6 Step Garden Checklist for Spring

  1. Prune trees and shrubs. Begin the spring season by cutting back fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs and hedges properly. The right technique results in stronger plants.
  2. Remove winter mulch and debris. Although many gardeners remove dried plant parts and flower heads in the fall, spring requires it for a fresh new plot. Any mulch or cover you laid down to protect dormant plants should be carefully raked away.
  3. Prepare the soil by tilling the upper layers, adding compost and other beneficial materials such as denatured manure, leaf mold, and some organic fertilizer. Be careful to not disturb existing plants. This step on the garden checklist will improve plant health all year.
  4. Plant new trees and shrubs. This step in the spring garden checklist is the perfect time to add new large plants to your landscaping and gardens. Be sure to water them well and give them time to adjust to the warming earth.
  5. Divide existing plants that are getting too large or crowded. Plants such as hosta, iris and coreopsis can be split easily to give you more plants to expand your gardens.
  6. Plant cool-weather or warm-weather perennials and annuals on the right dates based on your hardiness zone and the temperatures. Spring is the perfect time to try a new plant type and start new gardens to enjoy.
This spring garden checklist will help you realize your dreams of beautiful flowering gardens from the first days after frost to the end of the summer season.

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