Win The Yard Battle With Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing is an attractive way to increase your curb appeal and decrease your yard work. They are a weed stopper and an erosion barrier and because they don’t rust, degrade or shift they’re the sensible alternative to conventional edging.  And if you’ve ever tried to convince that big roll of plastic landscape edging to conform to your wishes you’ll be glad you chose concrete curbing.

What are the uses for curbing?

Concrete landscape curbing uses are almost limitless. From lining a driveway to a patio border they can be used for more than just landscaping.  But they really do shine when you outline your beds with curving, sweeping lines that immediately highlight the area in a neat and upscale fashion.

Who can help me with landscape curbing?

Funny you should ask! Olympic Lawn and Landscape is Kansas City’s premier curbing dealer. Our professionals can create and install landscape curbing or a driveway skirt and the lighting to show them off. We can also help you complement your curbing with attractive paths and walkways that add to that all-important curb appeal and increase your property value. So call us today at 816-875-9296 to learn all about the possibilities of curbing.