Why Should I Have a Healthy Lawn?

Healthy lawns are lush, green and cool. They make you want to take your shoes off and walk around barefoot on them. Healthy lawns are spaces where you'll want to play catch with your son or daughter and watch the neighborhood 4th of July fireworks display in your street. When your lawn is well-taken care of, it shows that you take pride in your home and your community.Dead LawnIf you neglect your lawn, weeds can take over the soft, green grass. Disease or insects can damage your grass and cause it to become thin and bare spots will form.

Don't take your lawn's health for granted.

If your lawn is unhealthy, you're missing out on a feeling of pride that can come with a beautiful, green yard for you and your family to enjoy. You're also missing out on environmental benefits of a healthy lawn. Here are some fun facts about healthy lawns and their environmental impact:
  • Grass cools surrounding areas. Fifty percent of heat striking a turf area is eliminated by transpiration, a process in which plants cool themselves.
  • Turfgrass acts like a water filter and helps clean urban and suburban environments.
  • Healthy lawns prevent water runoff and facilitates beneficial organism--like earthworm and useful insect--growth.
  • Lawns assist your HVAC system in filtering air. They collect dust and dirt at an average rate of 12 million tons per year in the U.S.
  • Lawns pull in greenhouse gases as they grow and reduce the carbon dioxide produced by fossil fuel burning.
Having a healthy lawn is more than just pleasant to look at. Your yard can be a fun place to enjoy with your family and friends, and it can also make your environment and yourself healthier.

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