Where to See Beautiful Fall Foliage in Missouri

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year with vibrant colors abound. Everywhere you look it seems like Mother Nature is urging you to take in the fall splendor. Many people think of Vermont when they think of fall foliage, but Missouri has its share of beautiful deciduous trees that shed their leaves every year. Where are they? Read on to find out.Attum In New England, Boston, Massachusetts

Best Place Guidelines

You can see Missouri's colorful foliage just about anywhere:
  • If you can’t get out of town, seek out nearby places with mature trees, such as older neighborhoods, parks, and even cemeteries.
  • Even areas without trees, such as prairies and roadsides, display beautiful shades of purple, gold, olive, and auburn with autumn shrubs, wildflowers and curing, rustling grasses.
  • On a smaller scale, drive on back roads, hike, or take a float trip under a colorful forest canopy on a clear, blue-sky day. Visit MDC Conservation Areas and Missouri State Parks.
  • For spectacular views, choose routes along rivers with views of forested bluffs, and along ridges with sweeping scenes of forested landscapes.

Kansas City Color

Our very own region is home to a vast palette of colors. Check out Burr Oak Woods and Buffalo Creek Conservation Areas if you enjoy hiking, or venture out to Knob Knoster State Park.

A Weekend Getaway for Your Eyes

Central Missouri -- areas like Columbia, Jefferson City and Lake of the Ozarks -- is also a great place to see some autumn foliage. For a great day or weekend trip full of fall color, go to Painted Rock Conservation area and Rock Bridge State Park.

Color by Northwest

The hills are alive with color from -- especially yellow -- from Kansas City to the Iowa border. Any forested area should be great for fall color this season.

For more information about where to see breathtaking views of fall color, or how to get some great color in your own backyard, call Olympic Lawn and Landscape at (816) 875-9645 today.