When Should I Prune My Trees?

When getting your yard and landscaping ready for winter it’s tempting to do some pruning of trees and shrubs. You’ll be doing a favor if you wait until late fall or even early winter.Cutting a branch or two is ok, but a bigger effort such as thinning or cutting larger limbs should wait. Removing dead or dying limbs should be done year round to protect your family and property and keep diseases from spreading. Unfortunately dead or dying trees may have to be removed entirely.

Why Do I Need To Wait To Prune?

-It’s not unusual for warm fall weather to continue until Thanksgiving and pruning too soon might stimulate new growth. The new stems won’t have time to harden off before winter comes and may be damaged. This may mean more pruning in the spring.-The warmer weather may also mean the pruning cuts close more slowly and this puts the tree at risk for fungal diseases which could cause real damage.-Pruning after the leaves drop also means you can see what you’re doing. You’ll get a good picture of tree shape and what really needs to go. Insect and disease damage will also be more visible.-Evergreens will do better if you wait until late winter or early spring because they’re dormant. An early spring growth flush will also hide any pruning wounds (and mistakes).No matter when you prune always remember that doing it safely is the first rule of tree maintenance. If you don’t feel confident using potentially dangerous (and sharp) blades, saws or trimmers call a professional. The pros at Olympic Lawn and Landscape are tree pruning champs. We'll get your trees back into the perfect shape, get rid of dead and dangerous limbs and get it ready for winter.