Warm Winter Maintenance and Spring Blooms

If you live in the Midwest you probably haven't been complaining about the winter weather. Weather can be one of the most unpredictable things. Even when forecasters have your entire week charted out, there is still no guarantee that things are going to stay as stated. Especially if you live in the Kansas City area

Warm Winters

This winter we have seen temperatures all the way up into the 70's. Unusually unheard of this time of year, rare, really. One day it could be below freezing, damp and cloudy and the next day it's dry and in the mid-50's. So what does this mean for your plants this year?

Good For Your Grass

Warmer weather, even in the winter, allows grass roots to grow stronger especially for new grass that was put down in the fall. However, this new grass can also be sensitive if the temperature drops. During unpredictable winters, like this one, it is best to take extra care of your grass.During a warm winter make sure that newer grass is hydrated properly. When the temperatures drop keep anyone, including dogs and cats off of newer grass.

Early Budding

Warm winter weather also encourages extra care for your flowering plants and fruit plants. If you catch some of your fruit or flowering plants budding early because of warmer weather, try protecting them when the cold weather is forecast.There is nothing you can do to change the weather patterns, but you can protect your vulnerable buds from getting frost bite. Covering your plants when the temperature drops is the way to go. Be sure to use breathable material, cover your plants at dusk and then uncover them when the sun rises. Even on cold days, having sunlight is good nourishment for your plants.

Woody Plants

The great news for your trees and shrubs is that almost all of them are hardy enough to brave most weather conditions, even the fluctuating ones we have had this year. If a tree or shrub does spring a bud a little early and then catch a freeze, the good news is that most will be able to re-bud again in the spring. Almost all trees can replace lost buds. Luckily, it takes a lot to really damage a hardy tree or shrub.

Warm Winter Maintenance - Plans For Your Landscaping

As a Kansas City Landscaper I know that properly taking care of a lawn and landscaping in the winter is key to a successful spring bloom. This winter if you keep a close eye on the weather forecast then you should be able to take the best care of your lawn and plants.

Warm Winter Maintenance Tips


For instance, if it is warm temperatures but moisture levels are low and rain is not in the forecast, then start watering your plants once or twice a week. Plants thrive on water and need it to stay strong, even in the winter!

Prune and Plant

If the warm weather is set to continue, consider doing some light early pruning to your trees and shrubs. And later in the winter season if the weather is still warm, take advantage of the temperatures and start planting for spring early.Get the most out of this warmer weather for yourself and your lawn. Take advantage of some nice days in the great outdoors and give your landscaping a jump start on prospering this spring.