Using Color to Enhance Your Landscape This Spring

Using color in your landscape can be challenging yet rewarding. You want things to compliment each other and flow together nicely. Adding some spice through color is a great way to improve or enhance an existing landscape design.

Using Color in Mulch

The use of a bold color in your mulch will bring life to what used to be boring wood chips. Bold colors in your mulch will also accent important areas of your lawn. First and foremost, we recommend using a dark mulch. A dark mulch will make any curbing or plants stand out. A dark mulch also provides the perfect accent to any type of landscape design, including flower beds or basic shrubs.

Using Color Design

Choosing which colors can be difficult, so begin with a color scheme. Think about what colors would compliment the color of your house. That said, you don’t necessarily want to choose complementary colors- this is very different. For your flowers, try to use analogous colors which use hues next to each other on the color wheel. An example of this would be red, deep red, various pinks and maroon. While you’re sticking to a general theme, this is more playful than one solid color.

Colors in Your Plants

Besides dark mulch and bright flowers, plants can also have colorful bark patterns, leaves, fruit or fall colors. Many trees and shrubs offer richly colored leaves both during growing season and fall months. Depending on the climate you live in and your landscape design, plants can also offer beautiful colors and an added punch to your lawn.

Colors in Your Curbing

Custom curbing to accent your landscape design provides a very high quality finish to any lawn. By purchasing custom landscape curbing, colors can be mixed for the perfect final product.

Take pride in your landscape and add color this Spring. For more information, contact Olympic Lawn and Landscape today and ask about our Spring Lawn Maintenance Special.