Transforming your Overgrown Weeded Area

Some homeowners find themselves with a dilemma. They have a beautiful backyard, yet one spot that's left for the weeds and random, unwanted plants to grow. Sometimes referred to as a "weed garden," homeowners leave the weeds due to a lack of inspiration for that area.As landscaping specialists, we see a "weed garden" and get excited, as it's a chance to transform a backyard area into something fun and useful. While every homeowner is different, we have several creative ideas for homeowners looking to work on their backyards and get rid of the overgrown weeds.If you're a homeowner looking for how to transform your overgrown weeded area, here are a few ideas:
  • If the area gets full-sun, pull the weeds and transform it into a vegetable or flower garden. Here are some tips from Weekend Gardener on how to start a vegetable garden.
  • Install a patio with an easy-to-assemble Patio Kit. If your "weed garden" is in an area where your guests will walk by, why not add a patio so that you can use the space for entertaining.
  • Landscape the area with plants and flowers that grow best in that shaded/non-shaded area. To add a classy touch, edge the area with concrete curbing.
  • Is the weeded area in a secluded spot near the house? Would a hot tub work well in the space?
These are just a few ideas for those with an overgrown weeded area. Did we miss any?

How have you transformed your weeded area into a useful space?