Tools for Leaf Raking | Lawn & Landscape Tips

It's not even October yet - but you know it's coming. Leaf raking season. If you're like me, you don't exactly look forward to this annual event. Especially the older you get.However, as a lawn care guy in the Lee's Summit area, I know how important leaf raking can be. Not only for your lawns, but for your relationships with your neighbors, too. So, if your planning to bite the bullet and get out in your lawns this fall, here are some helpful tools I've found for leaf raking:

Five Tools To Make Leaf Raking Easier

Here are five ways to make leaf raking bearable:

1. Great Pair of Gloves for Raking Leaves

If you have a great pair of gloves, your hands don't get as scraped up and muddy. Although you may begin your day not thinking you need gloves, by the time your done - you'll wish you had them. Invest in some good gloves with rubber palms, this will make them last and protect your hands.

2. Leaf Scoops for Leaf Raking

If you're an old-fashioned leaf raker (rake the leaves into a big pile and then scrunch them into a bag), these leaf scoops are a MUST. They help you easily grab onto the leaves. Piles of leaves will go into the bag at one time, saving you lots of time. 

3. A Great Rake for Leaf Raking

Now, everyone's going to look for something a little different when it comes to a great rake for leaves. Even those who use leaf vacs and leaf blowers will need a rake at some point. Some want an adjustable rake where you can make adjustments to the length of your rake and width of your rake heads. Others just want a wide rake (24" or more) so that more leaves can be picked up. Others prefer the clog-free rake head. I'd say it's totally up to you and your raking style. To see the "best rake" reviews, read up on this article.

4. Leaf Vacuums for Leaf Raking

Now I have to say, while I can be a traditionalist at heart, one test of a leaf vacuum and I was won over. Leaf vacs are great, and especially if you have a weaker back and tire easily. However, be warned that the leaf bag can get pretty heavy when using a leaf vac, so it will take some strength to use this after awhile. Pair a leaf vac with a leaf blower and you'll really have your lawn finished up in no time. Blow all of the leaves into one pile and then use the vac to suck them up. Many vacs will even mulch the leaves for you, allowing for you to use less lawn bags and save money.

5. Find Children to Help with Leaf Raking

Last but not least - find children when you're raking the leaves! If you don't have kids, try to hire some neighbor kids! Not only do kids love to play in the leaves, but they're great little helpers too! Use them to compact the leaves in the leaf bag, or to bend down and help bag the leaves your vac couldn't get. The enthusiasm and excitement of children playing in leaves will help you keep going, and make your day of leaf raking seem much shorter.