Three Ways to Have Fun with your Fire Pit

Fire pits are the newest outdoor living trend that's trickled into most American homes. The enjoyment of walking out the door to your backyard and enjoying a quiet evening of ambiance over a fire - in summer or winter - is a great new pastime for many.Many people simply light a fire, prop their feet up and enjoy their fire pits. But for those looking for some new and creative ways to use your fire pit, here are three ideas:
1. Make foil dinners with your Fire Pit
You don't have to be a boy scout or girl scout to make foil dinners! Take a rectangular piece of foil and place a raw hamburger patty in the center. Then, stick vegetables like carrots, onions and potatoes  into the meat, and surrounding the burger patty. Wrap the foil up so that all of the food is covered, and place foil packs over the fire. Continually check on the meat, and once all of the "pink" is gone, you've got a campfire dinner.
2. Tell Scary Stories around your Fire Pit
One of the best parts of a campfire is telling scary stories! With a fire pit, you don't have to go camping to enjoy fun times around a fire. Take a flashlight and shine it under the storyteller's chin. Pass it around and have everyone at the fire contribute to the stories. Adults and kids can all join in, and have fun trying to come up with the scariest scenario.
3. Make Fish Tacos on your Fire Pit
When it comes to fire pits, most people think of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows for smores. One new idea is to change up the typical food you'd expect to prepare with a fire pit, like fish tacos! The tortillas can be warmed when placed directly over the fire. Click here for step-by-step instructions on making fish tacos on your fire pit!