The Hidden Savings of Landscaping Edging

Not only does landscape edging provide a polished and sophisticated look, but it also comes with several hidden savings as well! By using landscaping edging around your trees, walkways, flower beds, gardens and more - not only will your yard stand out, but you’ll be finding hidden savings along the way!

Landscaping Edging Saves you Money

By using well-made curbing materials to edge your flower beds and landscaping projects, rock and mulch will stay-put. Without a sturdy material separating the beds from the grass, costly filler materials will often get lost in the grass, or worn down, and need to be replaced. By using landscaping edging, your rock and/or mulch stays put, and saves you money from having to replace it year after year.

Landscaping Edging Saves your Back

If you ever meet someone who LIKES pulling weeds, run. They are crazy! Weeding is not always the most fun job, and especially when weeds have crawled into the flower and garden beds. It’s often hard on your back, knees, and other achy joints. By using custom curbing for landscape edging, you’ll create a strong barrier that will kill the roots of weeds and other invaders that try to get into your beautiful plant beds, preventing you from the hard manual labor of weeding your flower beds.

Landscaping Edging Saves your Soil

The barrier created by landscaping edging will also save your soil. As it snows and rains, moisture will collect and stay in the soil thanks to the strong wall created by stone edging. Edging will irrigate the flowers and plants that are growing, thus improving the health of your soil, and requiring less watering.