The Edible Landscape

It's officially a trend, more and more people are wanting to utilize their lawn not only for aesthetic design, but also to help save on the grocery bill. With the prices on produce rising, it is understandable that edible landscapes are on the up and up.

Why Mix It Up?

The Kansas City Star recently did a piece on edible landscapes and the earthy wave that is hitting the Midwest. The rational behind this movement carries a double benefit. Not only does taking fruits and veggies out of your garden and into your landscape add a new fresh design, it also allows you to save much needed cash. And finding the right produce to match the rest of your landscape is the key to edible success!As a local landscaper, I know that landscaping in Kansas City can sometimes be tricky. With weather all over the map, it's sometimes hard to find the right plants. But, the best way to make the edible landscape work is to just use what you would regularly put in your garden and move it to a different part of your lawn. No need to get extra fancy, a little rearranging can go a long way.

Mix and Match

Why keep your garden in your garden? Throw some color into your normal landscaping by using what you already have. If you want to add some vines to your landscaping try planting some pumpkin seeds. Want leafy greens, try mixing in cabbage or lettuce to a space that needs green texture. Need to plant a new tree, skip the oak and plant an apple or peach tree.

The Plan

Before you go out and buy all of this years seeds and starter plants make sure you have a well thought out plan. Draw up how you want it to look before you plant. Research in advance how each of the plants work together.Also, be sure to think out the colors involved when using edible arrangements. Many fruits and veggies can also produce colorful leaves and even flowers. Mix in color and texture that goes along with your current landscaping. Planning ahead will save extra work later.

Yard Work Done Easy

When tending to a garden there is definitely regular maintenance involved. One perk about edible landscaping is that since you will already be tending to your produce, it will allow you a better opportunity to take care of the surrounding plants as well.


Watering, picking and pruning can be done across your entire lawn while you pick your produce. Instead of just tending to your garden, you are now tending to your entire landscape. Not only can you pick fresh produce, but you can also cut some fresh flowers to decorate the inside of your house too!


Another added benefit of edible landscaping is the reduction of insects attacking your produce. You can plant your produce around other plants that attract bugs that will kill the bugs that arrive on your fruits and veggies. Insects who feast on produce are also not as likely to damage as much produce when it is mixed in with other plants because it has to travel a lot farther to get to the next section of produce.As winter begins to close and you make big spring landscaping plans, try adding in a little life and color to your landscaping. Catch the wave and join others across the country on saving money and increasing curb appeal through edible landscaping.