5 Tips on Starting a Garden

With spring finally here, it is a great time to start a garden. If gardening is new to you, take a moment to read through these five tips for a successful growing season in your new garden.

1. Decide What Type of Garden You Want

There are several types of gardens you could start. From growing vegetables, flowers, plants or herbs, your garden can be almost anything you want. If this is your first time gardening though, you might want to start small to set your garden up for success.

2. Choose the Right Location

As a rule of thumb, good gardening spots receive about six hours of full sun daily. In fact, most flowers and vegetables prefer plenty of sunlight, but always check the tags to see how much your plants actually need. Also, set up your garden close to a water source for easier watering choices.

3. Preparing the Soil

Now that you have the right place to set up your garden, it is time to prepare the soil. First, clear the ground by digging the sod away. You will also need to improve the soil by adding compost to the area. If you want a professional opinion about your soil, you can get it tested by your county.

4. Choose the Best Plants for Your Area

Picking out your plants is one of the most fun parts of gardening. Whether you purchase your seeds from catalogs or your favorite garden center, be sure to check for the best plants that grow in your area.

5. Caring for Your Plants

Once you have planted your garden, the art of gardening takes over. From watering, weeding, fertilizing and mulching, caring for your garden becomes an act of love.

In the long run, the rewarding part of gardening is seeing all your hard work pay off in gorgeous plants, beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables. Don't forget to call Olympic Lawn & Landscape for help getting your lawn into perfect shape for the summer. Call us at (816) 875-9645.