Spring Flowers for Your Garden

Spring is almost here, and that means that we'll get to finally see some color in our landscapes and gardens with the additions of our favorite annuals and perennials. We love the spring at Olympic Lawn and Landscape and thought it would be fun and informative to put together a list of spring flowers for our readers to plan and enjoy. Here it is:Green field with spring flowers and sun in blue sky.


Pansies prefer cool weather, which makes early spring a perfect part of the season to plant the. Their bright, vibrant colors add life to any garden. Put them in sun or partial shade for best results.


Another great spring flower because the plant can tolerate light frost and warmer weather with ease. The thrive in damp, shady environments.

Yellow Trillium

These only bloom in the spring --eve the foliage even retracts at the end of June. But, with that in mind, you'll have beautiful marbled leaves and yellow-white blossoms starting in April. They love shade, and do especially well when they have other shade-loving flowers to grow with.


An herbaceous plant that  appears in March, the bloodroot has white flowers that bloom until late spring. They like the sun or slight shade with well-drained, moist soil.

Snowdrop Anenome

The fragrant flower will grace your eyes with pops of color in the spring. And, as an added bonus, when cool weather returns in the autumn, you'll get a second bloom! Plant snowdrop anenomes in part shade or sun.