Spend Some Time At Kansas City Public Gardens

If you’re stumped about your landscaping, dumbfounded by the difference between an annual vs a perennial or just plain like looking at plants you can’t beat the public gardens in Kansas City. We’re lucky to have so many places to spend the day, to make a little time for our families and ourselves and be surrounded by beauty and inspiration.So get out there and marvel at a magnolia, gaze at a gazania or rest your eyes on some iris!

The Kauffman Memorial Garden is a haven in Kansas City.

Right here in the center of town is the Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden.  A gift from the Kauffman family, this 2 ½ acre walled, English-type garden features 7,000 plants, with more than 300 varieties including vintage and modern perennials, annuals, shrubs, bulbs and trees. A spectacular and hidden gem in the Plaza area it’s free of charge and open year round. Don’t miss the spectacular Christmas display with hundreds of poinsettias and fragrant bulbs.How about a going a little native? The Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center is just across the street from the Kauffman Garden and is a fitting complement to the structure and orderliness of the Kauffman. An outreach service of the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, The Discovery Center focuses on plants, shrubs and trees native to the Missouri landscape of long ago and uses its educational programs to teach urban children and adults the beauty of nature and the gifts of preservation.Head south and west and land at The Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.  A 300-acre preserve founded to promote ecological and environmental awareness. A fabulous idea generator for dedicated gardeners and homeowners alike looking for landscape inspiration. The arboretum showcases a huge variety of native plants and trees and also offers educational and recreational resources. The majority of the location is given over to eight natural ecosystems to highlight the vast possibilities of Midwestern horticulture.Looking for a day trip? Powell Gardens located outside the KC city limits in Kingsville, Missouri, has over 915 acres of rolling hills, serene gardens, meadows and ever-changing seasonal displays. The garden hosts multiple events, festivals and installations year round including a butterfly festival, a family-friendly Halloween jack o’ lantern display and ongoing educational classes. The latest addition is the Heartland Harvest Garden, the nation’s largest “edible landscape” that delights garden tourists with a magnificent variety of fruits, veggies and herbs.The Kansas City Metropolitan area is truly blessed to have such a variety of spaces dedicated to conservation, environmental awareness, landscape inspiration and just plain family fun. If you’re looking for some bright ideas for your own garden be sure to take your camera and notepad and then call Olympic Lawn and Landscape. We can deliver those plants, make a new home for them in your yard and leave behind a little (or a lot) of color, serenity and beauty to enjoy all year long.