Some Tips On Backyard Wildlife In The Summer Sun

Keeping cool in the summer heat is pretty easy for us lucky humans. Between air conditioning in our cars, our stores and our homes we can seek relief when the temps rise into triple digits.But what about our backyard wildlife friends? Of course they can adapt to most sorts of foul weather be it winter snowstorms or driving rain. But there are things we can do to make it just a bit easier on them.For our bird friends keep a supply of fresh, clean water where they can get to it without danger of becoming dinner. A pedestal birdbath or dish that hangs from a tree will provide safety and relief. Check the water daily, especially when it’s very hot. A full birdbath will likely be an empty birdbath by the end of the day through evaporation and happy bird splashing.Place your bird bath in a location that is shaded during the hottest part of the day. It's also a good idea to position it far enough away from your feeders so that seed debris, bird droppings or feathers won’t pollute the water. If you see  algae in it, a good scrubbing with a stiff brush using 9 parts of plain water to 1 part chlorine bleach will do the trick. Be sure and rinse thoroughly.A shallow dish with water, hidden under a bush or behind a hedge, may attract Mr. Toad or other animals who will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. You’ll need to check this daily as well for debris and low water.Buy or make a butterfly feeder to keep the beauties in your yard. They love nectar or rotted fruit so this is a great way to dispose of those peaches that just don’t seem to keep in the summer heat.  A shallow puddle under a bush or shrub will provide water for drinking.If you have the space and the derring do, consider creating a small pond or water garden to provide water for other backyard lifeforms. You’ll be amazed at who comes calling if there is a good supply of fresh water. Add some aquatic plants, a few fish and maybe a waterfall and not only do you have a lovely new outdoor feature but the gratitude of all creatures great and small.Taking care of our backyard wildlife not only brings hours of enjoyment but you’re doing your part to preserve the natural world. Every animal has its place, whether it be robin, toad or rabbit and they’ll come running if you provide shelter and water on a sizzling summer day.Olympic Lawn and Landscape not only values a lush green lawn and beautiful landscape, we also value the runner, flyers and jumpers that frolic to and fro through them. We can design a greenscape that will provide hours or relaxation for you and lifesaving sustenance for your backyard neighbors. So give us a call and we’ll be happy to stop by and show you what we can do for you.