Skip the Holiday Lights Headaches | Christmas Lighting Services

The calendars just turned to October, which means that an exciting season is upon us: Holiday lights season Whether you're a traditionalist and just go for Christmas lighting on your home, or you love to go all-out and even put lights on your home for Halloween, it's almost time for our fall/winter holidays to begin.

Getting into Christmas Lights Season - A His & Her Perspective

Around your homes, it might look a little something like this:

Her Perspective on Holiday Lights

She's excited and pulling out all of the fall decorations, adorning the house for the upcoming fall season. Kids costumes have been picked out for weeks. She's already starting to buy Halloween candy at the stores. Halloween weekend is booked. And if she's super into it, she's bugging her husband to just put up a few simple stands of glowing orange lights to match the rest of the home. The Halloween party MUST have lights! Once November hits, her sights will be set on Christmas lights and she's already gathering ideas.

His Perspective on Holiday Lights

Can't believe it's this season, yet again. It seems like he just took last year's lights down and figured out how to safely store them in the garage. Thoughts of pulling them out again are daunting, not to mention the typical "check every bulb" mandate that he feels like he must do. (Thanks a lot, Christmas Vacation.) Soccer games have his weekends booked, yet he needs to figure out how to find time to put lights on the house. He's trying to calculate how many nice weekends are left so that he can get the Christmas lights on the house before it turns cold. And he's not exactly jumping up and down to add the "orange lights" for Halloween before the Christmas lights. So - how to love his wife yet avoid a big fight is quite the dilemma.

Olympic Lawn Offers Holiday Lighting Services

We recognize this may not be the situation in EVERY home in the Kansas City area, but we have a feeling that it's the situation in many. If you could use help getting Christmas lights on your house this year, consider hiring someone to put the lights on for you. Landscaping companies are growing into this business as a way to add convenience to homeowners over the winter season. Plus, landscaping companies can provide easy installation PLUS storage of the holiday lights. No more tangled messes of lights. No more figuring out how to store them. No more climbing up cold ladders to hang lights. No more fights.Save your marriage this holiday season. Consider hiring someone to get those lights up for you.