Secrets to a Perfect Lawn

A perfect lawn is one that meets the owner’s aesthetic value and style at the same time conforming to the environmental requirements of the user. However, establishing or maintaining a perfect lawn that serves best your purpose requires you to perform various tasks. Those who have been able to keep beautiful lawns especially in golf courses attribute their success to adhering to the secrets behind a perfect lawn which include:


Mowing the lawn

Frequent cutting of your grass makes it grow thick and hence leaving no space for weeds to grow. However, cutting the grass in a lawn too short is likely to raise the maintenance costs as it requires more water and herbicides. The mowing height depends on the species of grass used, although we generally recommend cutting a third of the height of the grass. Consider the following facts when undertaking this task on the lawn:

· The blades of the mower used should be sharp enough to prevent grass from damage caused by blunt blades which makes it vulnerable to diseases

· Mowing during wet seasons is likely to reduce soil aeration and make the roots unable to breath which could lead to dead patches in the lawn

Irrigating the lawn

One of the common problems that occur with a majority of homeowners is over watering the lawn.

This promotes development of weak shallow roots and of course, wastes a lot of water. A sprinkler works best for people who have no in-ground system of irrigation and this activity should be conducted in a controlled manner. Watering should be done early in the morning, as carrying out this task at night may encourage the buildup of diseases.

Fertilizer application

Distribute the fertilizer on the grass evenly to promote uniform growth using hand held fertilizer spreader for your lawn. The organic fertilizers tend to work slowly as they take more time to break down and dissolve in the soil. The synthetic fertilizer is more effective and in most cases costs less as compared to the natural one. The choice on the type to use is dependent on the users’ preference, though they should stick to the type that they first use as mixing the natural and synthetic fertilizers gives impacts negatively on your lawn.

Pest control

Growing thick grass on your land is the ultimate control method for both weeds and pests. Herbicides are usually applicable when other methods have failed and they can be used to control weeds and even prevent their seeds from germinating.

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