Recipes For A Summer Evening

If you’re like a lot of America you love to entertain, especially outdoors. In recent years the outdoor patio has emerged as a second living room and the new gathering place for friends and family. So now that you have your new fire ring, outdoor bar and grill and maybe even a waterfall what the heck are you going to feed these people?The best thing about summer cooking is the bounty of fresh and delicious ingredients. From peaches to blueberries, tomatoes to peppers the variety of colorful and yummy delights can supply you with endless evenings of fun, friends and family.A watermelon cooler is the perfect end to a warm summer day.And now that you have the outside ready it’s time to focus on your insides.  We’ve put together a little summer evening menu that you can share with your friends. You may even talk them into each bringing something and you have the recipe for a fabulous sultry summer evening.

Recipes For Summer Entertaining

If this little summer sampler sounds wonderful but alas, you just don’t have the right setting for summer entertaining call us at Olympic Lawn and Landscape. We have just what you need to create your new outdoor living space, from patio kits to fireplaces to beautiful tables and chairs so you can call the family and friends and get cooking!