Preparing Your Yard for Spring

It's almost that time of year!  That time when the landscape of brown, dead grass and barren tree limbs transforms into a beautiful display of fresh budding leaves, pink and white flowers and healthy, renewed green grass. Spring is almost here! While we know spring won't "officially" be here until March, it's never too early to get your spring landscaping in place! By taking a few steps early in the season, you can help create a beautiful, healthy yard for the upcoming season.American House Exterior With Curb Appeal

First, pick up the sticks.

The first step to take when "spring cleaning" your yard is to pick up any sticks and other debris fallen due to winter. The winter snow and winds can have quite a toll on your yard. Walk around your lawn and pick up any fallen debris that might hurt your lawn mower, or cause problems for your plants to grow. While you're walking around your yard, examine your trees and limbs to see if any need to be cut back or trimmed after a harsh winter.

Next, grab a rake.

It's important to pick up any remaining leaves and dead grasses left over from fall. As soon as the weather warms up, grab a rake and some bags, and head outside! Raking your yard will help begin to aerate the soil, and help the new grasses grow, and stay green!

Prepare for the weeds.

Along with the beautiful budding trees and flowers also come the dreaded weeds! Spring is a great time to stop weeds in their tracks, before they've taken over your yard. If you enjoy fertilizing your yard yourself, look for a weed killer at a local store, and make sure to apply it evenly and follow directions on watering. If you'd rather sit back and enjoy spring without working in your yard, give us a call and ask about our mowing and chemical application services.

Last, test your soil.

Especially for the gardeners out there, begin testing your soil in spring. Take a sample to a local nursery, or purchase a kit online. Spring is a great time to start adding compost and other minerals to the soil so that you can ensure healthy plants and a plentiful crop this year.