Planning Ahead | Landscape Designs Done Right

No beautiful landscape design magically happens overnight. Planning and preparation are key in making landscape design look like a masterpiece.  Even though the temperatures are currently dropping, now is the time to start outlining your ideal landscaping design for the spring. 

Research Landscape Design Ideas

There are a hundred and one plus ways to design a lawn. The great thing about planning ahead is that you have a ton of time to research what you like and what you don't like. There are several ways to do serious lawn research, you can even make it fun for your entire family!

Take a Drive around Kansas City to see Landscaping

Pick a Sunday afternoon this fall and go on a drive around your dream Kansas City neighborhood. While the houses you drive by may not be in your price range, the landscaping they have can be. Make notes on the houses that have the type of lawn you wish to attain. Even if the landscaping seems unrealistic, jot down a few notes, an experienced landscaper can help you design a landscape that fits your goals and your budget. Get the whole family involved by having everyone pick out a lawn they like.

Internet Research on Landscape Design

Take some time and do research on the Internet to find different styles and trends. Look for websites that tell what plants and flowers are best to grow in your area. Knowing what will grow in your climate is key in researching design ideas.

Outline Your Landscape Project

One of my favorite channels to watch is HGTV. That network always has great ideas on how to make your home and garden look amazing and also help you save money. Right now has a great article on creating a design plan for your garden. The article suggests that outlining accurate site plans for your garden and picking the right plants for your climate is critical in having a successful garden.In the Lees Summit landscaping business I often work with people who are frustrated that their garden didn't succeed. The number one reason I hear is that their was not enough research done before the planting began. And creating an outline can be one of the simplest steps to success after research has been done.Now is the perfect time to walk around outside and make mock sketches of your yard. Dream a little! Think about colors, shapes and overall yard design and then get in touch with a landscaper that can make your dreams come true!

Book Now for your Spring Landscaping

Right now is the best time to consult a landscaping company. Many companies get booked for the spring in the fall. The great thing about booking now is that most companies will give you a free landscaping quote on the project you have outlined and they will also provide insight and tips on how to make it even better.Booking now will also give you access to the best landscapers available in your area. If you chose a qualified landscaper they will be able to help create a landscape design that is low maintenance for you and that greatly increases your curb appeal.So what are you waiting for? Make sure you get your landscaping done right and start planning and preparing now!