Perennials: Nature’s Survivors Part 2

In part 1  of Perennials: Nature's Survivors, we covered some powerhouse plants that can stand up to the harshest elements. These perennials are a great low-maintenance addition to any landscape. Here are more plants that can get down and dirty: Backyard perennial garden containing late summer flowering peren


Baptisia is sometimes called false indigo, and while it may be "false," it is not weak. Baptisia can live for decades. It is shrub-like with graceful blue, white, purple or yellow flowers in early spring. Its pea-like, blue-green foliage looks great even when the plant isn't blooming. Baptisia needs plenty of sunlight and can grow 3-4 feet tall.


The coneflower was once found growing wild on the prairie. Now it is one of the most widely grown and hybridized perennials in the country. There are single-flowering, double-flowering, or even triple-flowering forms you can grow. Coneflowers vary from the traditional purple color to white, orange, yellow and red. They bloom early summer to fall and attract butterflies and birds.

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lilies are hardy, almost foolproof flowers. They grow quickly from bulbs planted during autumn or early spring, and they develop gorgeous flowers in a huge range of colors and bicolors.  Their flower show is in full swing early to midsummer. Asiatic lilies multiply quickly, so you can dig them up and divide them every few years and spread them to sunny spots in your garden.


Hostas provide variety. They're comfortable in the shade and come in hundreds of colors, shapes and sizes. Some of these power plants can grow to four feet tall, or some only grow to four inches tall. Hostas produce colorful foliage and have wands of blue, white or lavender during the summer. They're easy to care for, and can be dug and divided to produce more plants whenever you need them.

These perennials make gardening fun and easy. Stay tuned for part 3 of Perennials: Nature's Survivors. For more information on how you can use perennial plants to make your garden an enduring success, call Olympic Lawn and Landscape at (816) 875-9296.