Best plants to use as natural insect repellant

Best Plants to Use as a Natural Insect Repellant

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Noxious insects are the bane of any homeowner who enjoys spending time outside during the warmer months. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other insects can be controlled with chemical sprays, but there are also many natural insect repellents that can help. There has been both scientific and anecdotal evidence that shows the oils and compounds found in these natural insect repellent plants can help keep the yard free of bugs.

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Spring Flowers for Your Garden

Spring Flowers for Your Garden

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Spring is almost here, and that means that we’ll get to finally see some color in our landscapes and gardens with the additions of our favorite annuals and perennials. We love the spring at Olympic Lawn and Landscape and thought it would be fun and informative to put together a list of spring flowers for our readers to plan and enjoy. Here it is:

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Preparing Your Yard for Spring

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It’s almost that time of year!  That time when the landscape of brown, dead grass and barren tree limbs transforms into a beautiful display of fresh budding leaves, pink and white flowers and healthy, renewed green grass. Spring is almost here! While we know spring won’t “officially” be here until March, it’s never too early to get your spring landscaping in place! By taking a few steps early in the season, you can help create a beautiful, healthy yard for the upcoming season.

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a cardinal on a tree limb

Winter Bird Feeding 101

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This is a re-post from much earlier, but we updated some of the information. We love birds at Olympic Lawn, and think that birdwatching is a very rewarding hobby. Here are some tips on winter bird feeding. 

There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday on the porch watching the robins and blue jays eat from the bird feeder. But when that cold weather hits, it is time to protect our winged friends winterize the bird feeders.

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