More Great Tips On Landscaping To Sell Your Home

If you’re planning the sale of your home you know about curb appeal. We’ve written about it before but you can’t have too much information so we’re adding a few more tips.These days a house can be on the market for longer than we might want so your best bet may be to consult with a landscaping company. They can recommend the kind of plant types, both annual and perennial, that will last a long time if necessary. Planting pansies in March will result in sad, wilted and heat blasted flowers if your home is still on the market in June.Add one or two unusual specimen plants to add interest to your foundation landscape. A Weeping Norway Spruce or Blue Atlas Cedar aren’t as common as yews or boxwood so your landscape will make a statement. Unusual or uncommon specimens aren’t difficult to find and you’ll be impressed at how much they improve the look of your home.Put flowers in pots on your porch. They can be changed out as they fade or become overgrown. This might also be good place for a small shrub in a pot with flowers at the base. The shrub won’t grow as fast and won’t be as susceptible to changing seasons. If you’re selling in the fall an evergreen will make a great little Christmas tree in December.Plant a tree. A small tree will add interest to an open and empty landscape for just a small investment. Make sure it has both spring and fall interest, either flowering or attractive foliage and good color in the fall.Maintain your lawn. This is key as no amount of decorative plantings can disguise struggling turf. It’s worth investing in a landscaping company that can both improve and maintain your yard at least for the short term to get it looking great.And lastly everything looks better with a nice layer of mulch. Planting beds look refreshed and cleaner and it will help keep the weeds to a minimum. Landscape curbing will also add a good, clean definition to your beds and increase their beauty.If you’re looking for more advice on keeping your home’s landscaping looking great at all times contact Olympic Lawn and Landscape. Not only can we recommend and install the best quality plantings but we can also improve the look of your patio, adding another great feature to impress a new buyer or just for you to enjoy.