Make Your Lawn One for the Books

Owning a beautiful, well kept lawn is something to be proud of, and it is not that difficult. Take a few steps toward making your lawn better, and soon the neighbors will be in envy of your luscious greens.Olympic Lawn & Landscape1. Be aware of when your lawn needs water. Overwatering can be harmful to your lawn. Get to know what kind of grass you have and don’t forget to add in environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and wind, so that you can care for your lawn properly.2. Spend some time to help your grass’ roots grow deeper. If you water deeply and only when necessary, your roots in your grass will grow deeper. If you only water a thin layer, you are actually helping weeds form.3. The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning. Watering your lawn between 4 A.M. and 9 A.M. reduces water loss. In between these times, the temperature is cool and the wind is calm. High temperatures cause water to evaporate, and the water will not ever reach your lawn.4. Make sure your sprinklers are watering your lawn, not the driveway. A small adjustment can make a world of difference in a patch of grass that you might be missing. It is your sprinklers’ job to water the lawn, not the driveway or sidewalk.5. Be aware of a run off. Make sure you are not overwatering to the point that water is running off of the your lawn and into the street. You will also save money by reducing the amount of water your sprinkler system produces.6. When it’s raining, turn off the sprinkler system. You can buy a rain sensor that automatically turns off the sprinklers when it is raining. If you expect it to rain later in the day, it is a good idea to go ahead and turn off your watering.7. Invest in a rain barrel. A rain barrel collects and stores water from your gutters. When you are watering your gardens and landscapes, you can use your rain barrel for more than enough water.8. Spend extra time on areas that have problems. If you see an area that needs extra attention, take special care of it by watering it by hand.  Shady areas are examples of spots that can require special attention. Another way to take care of these areas is to get a separate sprinkler system.With over 8 years of experience, Olympic Lawn & Landscape provides home and business owners with the quality lawn and landscape care they need for healthy and beautiful outdoor environments. We specialize in landscape curbing and continue to bring your current landscape ideas to life or design a unique new layout specifically for your space.