Make Your Lawn a Masterpiece with Lawn Striping

You’ve probably noticed those big lawns with lined patterns comparable to those in the outfield at Kauffman.

Common lawn patterns include striping, checkerboard, circle pattern and waves. Cutting these patterns into your lawn can be a simple way to bring interest and curb appeal to your grass.

For a professional looking lawn, try these lawn striping tips:


For a straight pattern

Begin by mowing the entire perimeter of your lawn 2 or 3 times around. Next, mow your first “stripe” down the widest point in your lawn to be your line of sight. Complete by continuing to align straight stripes paralleled to the first one.


For a checkerboard pattern

Similar to the striping pattern, cut the perimeter 2 or 3 times to begin. Next, you’ll mow your first stripe and align stripes with the original. Then, create a second line of sight going at a 90 degree angle against the others. Align stripes again for a checkerboard appearance.


Diagonal lines

After mowing the perimeter, start in one corner of the lawn and mow by facing towards the center. Be sure your angles are consistent when going diagonally.


Mowing Tips

-In preparation, remove any rocks, fallen branches and sticks, debris or toys from your lawn. Also be sure to wear sturdy shoes that are properly tied.

-Always be sure the blade is sharp enough so no damage is done to the grass.

-Overlap slightly (6 inches) each time you change directions after completing a line

-When turning your mower, try to do so off of the lawn as not to damage it. The driveway or sidewalks are great to turn on.

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