Light up your Home this Holiday Season

As lights go up outside of businesses all around town lights are going up in neighborhoods too. Christmas lights truly enhance the holiday season, lighting up homes in communities across the country. I always hear people talk about elaborate plans to decorate the outside of their home (OK, usually it is the men who get over zealous about their Clark Griswald-type holiday lighting plans.) But I must agree, there is something exciting about having a really nice display of lights on your home for the holidays.What I often find though, is that these elaborate plans get thrown to the wayside when the business of the holiday season begins. What once was going to be a fun family activity turns into a nightmare. Over the years I have found that the best option in having my holiday lighting plans come to fruition is to hire a professional.

Time Saver

Unpacking the jumbled ball of Christmas lights can take forever. Checking every light takes even longer, not to mention getting out the ladder and spending time in the cold. Ladders can cause a serious accident, especially if you are tired, cold or in a hurry.

Safety First

As funny as it might sound, Christmas lights can be dangerous, especially when they are not taken care of properly.


With a professional installer you do not have to worry about the possibility of injuring yourself on a ladder. Professional installers have all the right ladders and safety materials needed to properly install lights even on the highest points of your home, without you having to move a muscle.


Not properly checking the bulbs on your lights or leaving them on too long can create a spark that could turn into a fire. With professionally installed lights, the lights are thoroughly checked before they are put up and are placed around safe areas on the outside of the house.

Electrical outlets

Worried about over crowding your electrical outlets? The professionals will set up your holiday lights and make sure your outlets are in the safest position to weather the cold and snow and still make your house beam with brightness.

Quality Product

The best part about a professional installer is the ability to make the end product look exactly how you want. Creating a plan for the installers that incorporates the colors you desire and the layout you wish to attain is easy.  In fact, planning early and then passing off your plans to a professional will help you get the quality lighting product of your dreams.The end goal is to have your house feel like a home around the holidays. And the bottom line is that having lights professionally put on your home creates a quality product, which creates curb appeal. Whether you are trying to sell your home or just enjoy a festive house, having your lights done right is always rewarding.