Lawn Mower Maintenance

Spring is almost here, and that means it's almost mowing season again! For some of us, we hate that three-letter word "mow," and would rather hire a lawn mowing service.But, for those of us who are into mowing our own yards, now's the time to get the lawn mowers serviced and ready to go for the upcoming new season!Depending on the type of lawn mower you use, it's best to refer to the Owner's Manual for a schedule of how to keep your mower in good shape. However, nearly all mowers can stand to have these three tasks done to them when it comes to service. Danny Lipford, an expert on home improvement, recommends these three steps for Lawn Mower Maintenance:1. Change the Oil. Danny recommends that even if you don't think the oil needs changed - change it anyway. Changing the oil will help clear out any of the dust and debris left over from last season.2. Change the Spark Plug. This will ensure that your mower starts this season.3. Clean the air filter. Some mowers even come with an accordion-like filter that needs to be replaced. If you're filter-less, make sure to clear out any leftover debris from the past season(s.)Danny also suggest ways to clean the mower blades, and ideas for different types of mowers. Click here to read all of his suggestions on lawn mower maintenance.