Lawn Care: More Than Just Mowing

While lawn care does require frequent mowing, quality lawn care encompasses so much more than that. If you want a yard that is truly beautiful, you can't just cut the grass and call it a day. You need an experienced, professional lawn care company that will provide you with all the services your lawn needs to look its best, including:

Essential Lawn Care Services in Kansas City

1. Tree, Shrub and Flower PlantingCreate shade, soak up water in flooding zones and create a beautiful yard with tree, shrub and flower planting. Whether you want a serene backyard oasis, a great place for entertaining friends and family, or a yard that is magazine ready, the right trees, shrubs and flowers will help you achieve just the right look for your yard.2. PruningOnce you have your trees, shrubs and flowers planted, you must be careful to take care of them regularly to keep them looking great. Many plants need pruning every so often to keep them from overtaking your yard, crawling into your neighbor's yard or covering your windows.3. MulchingMulch doesn't just make your flowerbeds look beautiful and finished. It also helps prevent weed growth and retain the moisture that your plants need to grow. The right mulch can even help prevent your plants from developing certain infectious diseases.4. Edging and CurbingKeep your landscaping where it belongs with edging and curbing. Edging and curbing offers your home a distinguished and finished look, it prevents weed and grass roots from creeping in, and it saves you time spent trimming.5. Lawn ApplicationsNo lawn remains beautiful year after year without the proper lawn applications, such as fertilizer and weed killer. These lawn applications help prevent weeds and encourage lush, bright green grass to grow instead.

Much More Than Mowing

While mowing is a great start to a quality lawn care routine, just mowing is not enough lawn care for a truly beautiful yard. When done regularly, these five lawn care treatments will keep your yard looking gorgeous all year round.

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