Lawn Care Fun Facts

Your lawn is meant to be a place of fun and enjoyment for you and your family. You put so much work into the place that can be host to the greatest summertime barbecue or the place where the next Nolan Ryan learns how to throw a curve ball. Lawns have earned their place in history as gathering grounds for the masses. If you are lucky enough to live in a place that has a lawn, you know the many benefits that comes with it. But you may not know that the average American lawn is one fifth of an acre, or that 85 million homes in the US have private lawns. We've put together a list of our favorite fun facts about lawns. Here they are:Mowing The Lawn

Wide Open Spaces

The United States has approximately 50 million acres of grass. And 21 million of those acres are in out front and back yards.

Lawns Help You Breathe Easier

Lawns are extremely efficient producers of oxygen. Trees are three times less effective. Lawns' oxygen-producing season is much longer than trees, too. A small lawn, roughly 50 square feet by 50 square feet produces enough oxygen per day to keep a family of four breathing. Lawns also absorb toxins like carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and ozone.

Professional Help for Your Lawn

A 2010 National Gardening Association Survey revealed that 22 million homeowners rely on professional lawn care and landscaping services to keep their lawns beautiful.

It Takes Time to Do It the Right Way

The average homeowner spends about four hours a week on lawn care. Depending on where you live that means 150 hours a year in cooler climates to 208 hours a year in warmer climates. And if those numbers are broken down into days, that means homeowners spend anywhere from five to eight and a half days per year caring for their lawns.

We hope these facts are just as fun and interesting to you as they are to us. At Olympic Lawn and Landscape, we are as passionate about customer satisfaction as we are about lawn care. Call us at (816) 875-9296 to learn more about our expert lawn and landscape services.