Landscaping Trends for 2011

It seems that "green" is the buzz word in all industries these days, and landscaping is no different! As we head into 2011, green landscaping continues to be a leading trend in lawn and landscape design.According to the Garden Writers Association, the prime garden trends for 2011 are: -Gardening with a purpose -Eco-scaping -Sustainable containers -Succulents -Vertical gardening -New urbanismRather than spending time and resources on beautification alone, a growing trend is to landscape and garden with a purpose. Choosing to landscape for weed control, for example, will not only enhance your yard's beauty, but serve a dual-purpose. The same goes for using curb lighting to increase safety, or landscape edging to keep the soil hydrated.Another trending landscaping move for 2011 is to take large spaces of grass and land, and break them up into manageable, sustainable landscaped areas (eco-scaping.) There's also a trend to build up retaining walls, and to fill them with water-bearing plants (succulents.)Sustainable containers can make gardening and landscaping very affordable and manageable. Whether it's your large or small plants, container gardening is an easy way to brighten up your porch or deck, and add plants to your landscaping.These are just a few of the trends for 2011. Click here to read the full article and recommendations from the Garden Writers Association on landscaping in 2011.