Five Landscaping Tips for Small Yards

Just because your yard is on the smaller side doesn't mean that it is isn't full of potential. You simply have to use special landscaping tips for small yards to make your yard look truly amazing. Here are five great ways to use landscaping in your small yard.

Maximize Your Small Yard

 1. Be SelectiveWhen you are limited in the amount of room you have available, you really have to be selective in what you put in it. Don't install all sorts of landscaping elements or features just because they are all the rage or because your neighbors have them. Make a plan for what will look best in your yard and stick with it.2. Create a Focal PointStart your landscaping process by determining your focal point. For your front yard, this may be your entryway. For your backyard, this may be a seating arrangement or pond in the far corner of your lot. Having a focal point in the distance will help your yard appear larger.3. Use Color to Your AdvantageLight, bright colors appear to come nearer to you, while dark colors appear to be further away. Use this to your advantage by planting colorful plants up close and less colorful plants farther away. This easy landscaping trick will automatically make your yard appear larger.4. Blur Your Lot BoundariesWhile tall fences are great for privacy, they can easily make a small yard look even smaller. If your neighbors already have landscaping elements around the edges of their yard, skip the fence if you can. Using their landscaping as your border will make your yard look bigger.5. Make it CozyWhile each of the four previous tips is a great way to make your yard look bigger, you do also have the option of embracing your smaller space. Instead of aiming for a spacious-looking backyard, take advantage of the small size and create a yard that is perfectly cozy. You'll love the beautiful, peaceful escape.

Make the Most of Your Yard

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