How Landscaping Can Reduce Noise

The right landscaping can revolutionize your yard. More than that, it can turn your yard into a quiet oasis. While no landscaping design can completely eliminate noise from your yard, there are steps your designer can take to make noise pollution less of a problem.

Reduce Noise with Landscaping

 Discuss with your landscaping designer what kinds of noise problems you're having. Make note of when the problem happens and if it affects the whole yard or only a portion of it. The landscaping solution will vary depending upon the when and the where of the issue.A landscaping designer may recommend erecting a sound absorption barrier. Most people don't realize that every component of a plant absorbs sound. Species that have dense branches and thick leaves usually absorb the most sound. Keep in mind that if you choose deciduous plants for your landscaping noise absorption strategy that they will be less effective in winter. However, they'll be performing at full capacity in the warm weather when you're more likely to be in the yard.

Noise Reducing Landscaping Techniques

Your landscaping designer may also recommend the addition of a wall or fence that can deflect or reflect sounds. Masonry walls don't vibrate, and thereby reflect sound waves back to their source. Corrugated metal or fiberglass do vibrate when sound waves hit them, but they are very good at deflecting the noise. Combine a partition or barrier with sound absorbing plants to get an effective one-two punch.Landscaping designers might also suggest adding some white noise to your yard. One of the most common ways to do this is with a water feature. A pond, fountain or waterfall can all make pleasing noises. Some of them are high tech enough to be programmed to be operating at their loudest level when outdoor noise reaches it peak. Of course, you can also turn down the noise at quieter times.Using any or all of these techniques is an effective way to manage noise pollution with landscaping.

Enjoy a Quieter Yard

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