Snow - one of mother nature's most potent double-edged swords. Kids, teachers and people in Alaska love it (Okay, maybe not ALL Alaskans, but most, right?) Mail carriers, commuters and property managers hate it.

Landscaping Benefits of Snow

While snow will always continue to be a "Jekyll-and-Hyde-type-of-thing" as long as people must travel outdoors when the fluffy white snowstorm hits, there are some benefits that snow can have on your yard. So in the season of looking on the bright side of things, here are at least some positives that this weather change can have on your landscaping projects:
  • Insulates the soil by preventing freezing to go deeper and deeper, thus protecting roots and such.
  • Protects perennials, bulbs and ground covers by preventing a cycle of freezing/thawing.
  • If you forgot to mulch beds, a heavy snowstorm can serve the same role.
  • Enhanced beauty of landscaping projects - snow-covered plants and landscaping edging can be quite exquisite.

Snow and Landscaping

 Of course, whether or not snow will tremendously benefit you all depends on the amount of snow, temperatures and condition of your yard and soil... yada yada. But we’re looking on the bright side of things, remember?Get the full download on how snow impacts your yard. And if you’re not a fan of the winter weather and need us to remove the snow for you, our snow removal team is standing by.