Landscaping a Short Sale

Bare with us for a moment, we're venturing into the real estate topics today. But so much of our industry deals with curb appeal and property values right now, we thought we'd take a minute and talk about how landscaping is important when selling your house - and even when you're going through a short sale.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is when the homeowner and the bank have an agreement that a house can be sold for less than what is owed to prevent a foreclosure. The bank agrees to forgive the remaining portion of the home mortgage if it can be sold through a short sale. For home buyers, this is often a great deal if they can manage to wait for a lengthy process. For home sellers, this is a more favorable option than foreclosure, as it doesn't hurt your credit as much and go on your records.

How does Landscaping Help Short Sales?

Landscaping your property can impact property values. It doesn't only make interested home buyers desire to buy your place, but it also increases the likelihood that someone will fight to get into your home. The more charm and beauty you can add to your home, the more likely that home buyers will stick it out just to get into your property.Buyers interested in short sales are out for a good deal. If your property isn't well maintained, and the lawn not kept, your buyers may try to get an even lower price from you and the bank. But, if you've kept your landscaping nice and lawn mowed, you may receive a higher offer than if you'd let it go. Short sales are known for being better kept than foreclosed homes, so nice landscaping can only exceed the buyer's expectations.

Easy Ways to Improve your Short Sale's Curb Appeal

If you're looking for budget-friendly ways to increase your curb appeal, consider adding mulch in your flower beds and around your trees. You can even buy mulch in bulk to make sure you have enough to go around your property. Invest in a hedge trimmer, and trim all bushes near your house - especially near the front door, as this is where the first impression will be made. Invest in a few cheaper flowers and plant them in pots near your entryway for an inviting feel. You can also do something simple like clean out your gutter so your home has a fresh, clean appearance.Contact us for more ideas about how to improve the landscaping at your short sale. Check out Jackson County Short Sales if you need advice and are going through the short sale process.